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Summer Reading Recommendations


Welcome to Plenty on Spring! 

Some books are good for a chapter or two, but not much more. Others are totally skippable. But a really good book becomes a respite from all of life’s little demands. It whisks us away to some fascinating place, where we can retreat for a little while, then leave more refreshed, informed, and wholly prepared for life ahead. 

Plenty on Spring is the brick-and-mortar version of a really good book. 


We hope that you, whoever and wherever you are, can come to feel that this is your home away from home, your third space, and your place to be refreshed. You’ll find a great selection of new bestsellers, timeless classics, regional fare, biographies, cookbooks— and a large, carefully curated children’s selection. Locally sourced gifts and other fun finds abound. 


And while yes, we hope you find the perfect book to refresh your soul, we also believe that nothing truly refreshes the soul like community. The heartbeat of Plenty on Spring is all about community; it’s the real reason why we’re here. We love to bring people together, in a world that otherwise seeks to tear down and divide. When we can learn to lean on each other, and be someone others can count on (aka “interdependence”), then we have become better people, AND a dynamic, truly vibrant community. 

SO, now you can take a nice slow drive down West Spring Street and look for our store at #35 (you'll notice it by the giant window signs and bright red double doors). Then take a moment and look at the beautiful businesses nearby; this is our community. We've got photography, art, coffee, games, ice cream, craft beer, gifts, and more, all within walking distance. Park in the city-owned gravel lot by Vertical Coffee and stroll around. Can you envision the beautiful community gathering space that we're building?


It's going to be fantastic! Coming early fall 2022!




See you soon!