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We love people. And we love books.
Come visit us at 35 West Spring Street!


About Us

Plenty on Spring sprung from the idea of a temporary (pop-up) location for a destination bookstore, Plenty on Poplar. As often is the case, as we began to move forward with this "pop up" location, additional opportunities began popping up and it became clear that Cookeville wanted and needed a bookstore (with a focus on children and young adults) and community gathering space within walking distance of the wonderful historic and iconic Cookeville businesses on the West Side. 

We welcome you to come discover what makes us unique and join us at any of our events. We've got a sweet spot on Spring Street – located between Ralph's Donuts and Vertical Coffee, right across from Dairy Queen. 


Plenty on Spring stocks only new books; if you're looking for antique/rare books or books by color, we recommend Harper's and if you're looking for used and/or to trade in books we recommend Walls of Books, both located here in Cookeville.

Drawing of Owl

Dave & Lisa Uhrik

Dave and Lisa are working on a 100 year plan to feed purpose in the lives of as many people as we can. They're the owners of the manufacturing company Franklin Fixtures, owners of Plenty on Spring, and Lisa is a nationally-renowned speaker and author.

"I just wanted to work with her." says Dave with a wink. "We do love working together and have the best team," says Lisa. "I never could have dreamt this up, being involved in small business the way we are at Franklin Fixtures. Every time an order leaves our dock I know a new store is born somewhere in this country. It's a store that will impact its community and the families in it in a positive way, and we get to be a part of that. And now with Plenty on Spring, we're directly involved in impacting our own community. I was raised here and it means so much to me to be doing this great community work here with Dave. " 



Ashley Michael

Ashley has been dreaming of running an independent bookstore for years. Actually, a decade is more like it. She has Pinterest boards, lists, notebooks, stacks of books and has even been a subscriber to a bookstore owner-only newsletter for the past 8 years. 

One seemingly-inconsequential spring morning in 2022, Owner Lisa Uhrik reached out to Ashley with the question, "I remember you telling me years ago that your passion is to one day manage a bookstore. I'd like to open one – are you interested?" And just like that, Ashley became our store manager.


Our Hatchlings, Nestlings & Fledglings

These little ones are our daily inspirations to grow, educate and strengthen our community. We'll have  rotating in-store recommendations from them — come by and see!

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